How Two Microbes Changed History

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What if I told you that, more than two billion years ago, some tiny living thing started to live inside another living thing … and never left? And now, the descendants of both of those things are in you?
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    My favorite Eons host, and I don't even know her name. Why is she not in the credits?

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    Brilliant explanation

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    Hello! I don't know if you've noticed, but when you explain prokaryotic cells, you show an image of a cell with nucleus! It appears within 1:05 and 1:10. If someone else did tell you this, sorry to bother you again.

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    Lynn Margulis and Carl Woes are my héroes. Excellent video

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    Sad reality though is declaring statements like, "Living in symbiosis with pathogens is the essence to/of life" is likely to get you arrested in 2021.

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    Carl Woese, who discovered archae, was one of the greatest biologists of all time.

  12. motruk4
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    Not random (around two minutes in). Genetic variation may occur randomly but selection is non-random.

  13. julia kunz
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    Please check out the inside-out theory... more plausible

  14. Tom Marvolo Riddle
    Tom Marvolo Riddle
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    Imagine what evolution would have looked like if this chance event didn't happen?

  15. Mayank Tripathi
    Mayank Tripathi
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    where will evolution lead us .. just hope that in the event of a cataclysmic event as that happened 65 million years ago humanity does not lose all all collective knowledge..and we to store and retrieve data perhaps even in outer space or store it in many voyager like satellites which are programmed to find new energy sources and keep voyaging in a comet like orbit

  16. Patrick Sarama
    Patrick Sarama
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    *meanwhile 2 billion years ago while 2 cells were replicating...* Cell 1: “see you later alligator” Cell 2: “In a while crocodile” *2 billion years later...* Crocodile: “I told you we’d see each other again” Alligator: “Nice”

  17. ayush upadhyay
    ayush upadhyay
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    almost all have mitochondria ???? Which eukaryotes don't have mitochondria? 🤔

    1. Fundamental Fanatic
      Fundamental Fanatic
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      you as eukaryote, have cells within you which dont contain mitochondria like red blood cells for example. they lose it so that cell is able to move more oxygen only eukaryotic organism known to lack is the oxymonad Monocercomonoides species

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    Origin of humans

  25. lilsplace
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    Hey Eons people thanks for that info video. I knew about mitochondria being originally bacteria but not about chloroplasts and also not about red algae in kelp. Very interesting. Can you do a video about how a virus became the reason mammals have a placenta including us and talk about different types of viruses that can be beneficial in symbiosis rather than kill us? Thank you. 🙏

  26. Barbara Hill
    Barbara Hill
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    What I would like to know is why two different sexes evolved.

    1. Tharpa Roberts
      Tharpa Roberts
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      To make it more difficult for microbial diseases to attack us. If you have two parents, the children are not exact copies of the parents, so it is harder for diseases to target.

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    Anki King
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  35. Omar Wright
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    I am looking for information on the role insects played in evolution. They reproduce copiously and everything eats them. Flight in other species is a byproduct of trying to catch flying prey items. Locust can completely consume all plant life in their path. How did imbalances in insect populations arbitrarily change the path of evolution?

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    Does this mean that Eukaryotes might possibly be paraphyletic? Also, did Eukaryotes originate from prokaryotes infected by prokaryotes, or did eukaryotes become more derived by eukaryotes infected by prokaryotes.

    5 muaj më parë

    Until halfway through this video, it sounds like your going to say one bacteria infect another. That doesn’t make sense. Then you say bacteria infected us. I liked the first thing better.

    5 muaj më parë

    Viruses: Plague Inc says we have ATP boost, so we’ll say we do! Eukaryotes: We have ATP as well, but nobody cares.

    5 muaj më parë

    Symbiotic doesn’t mean everyone’s a winner. Symbiosis is just the interrelationship of two species based on benefit vs anti?-benefit. Parasitism is also a form of symbiosis, and what we normally call symbiosis or a symbiotic relationship is mutualism, a form of symbiosis in which, you guessed it, both organisms mutually benefit.

  40. Dorian Ertymexx
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    I got to hear a guest lecture by Lynn Margulis at my alma mater in the early 2000's. She was brilliant and extremely clear about explaining all of this to an audience of mostly non-biologists.

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  53. Electrum
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    Elysia chlorotica carries out kleptoplastia, which makes it a photosynthetic animal.

  54. Femme Sammy
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    Bacteria: Cell: Eat (At least 7 years later) Humans: Anyway so here's why there's only 2 genders Cell made a mistake with that one smh.

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    Cyanobacteria is probably the 1st life on planet Earth and came into existence 4.1 billion years ago. 4.1 billion years later they still appear the same as they were 4.1 billion years ago. Evolution from single cells to us -- homo sapiens sapiens? How could photosynthesis come into existence 4.1 billion years ago evolutionary biologists? How?

    1. Skyforger Pack
      Skyforger Pack
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      @mdb123 That doesn't answer my question.

    2. mdb123
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      @Skyforger Pack Photosynthesis is so complicated that even after studying it for 200 years, we still don't know exactly how it works. But we humans have improved it's efficiency for the first time THIS year 2020.

    3. Skyforger Pack
      Skyforger Pack
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      What do you mean how? Do you know what photosynthesis is?

  62. Harriet Harlow
    Harriet Harlow
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    Very interesting presentation. So we started out as a cell that was merged with a bacteria, more or less.

    1. Harriet Harlow
      Harriet Harlow
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      @Skyforger Pack Actually, if you consider our entire evolutionary history, we did start out as a cell merged with a bacteria.

    2. Skyforger Pack
      Skyforger Pack
      5 muaj më parë

      We didn't, our ancestors did though. That's a common thing people mistake and then try to say evolution supports. We didn't start off as single cell organisms (aside from sperm) but out ancestors did.

  63. Re Jazz
    Re Jazz
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    i've heard there was some sort of prehistoric disease that caused a major population decline in homosapiens. the small procentage of survivers were able to adapt, but only due to a drastic changes in the immunal system. so to this day our immunity is for the most part shaped to fight that pathogen alone, leaving us vulnerable to many others. perhaps you guys could shed some light on that issue? cheers!

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    Silly microbes, you can't change history.

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  68. Meyotra You Tube Channel
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    So, does that mean that non plant multicellular organisms are older than the chlorofil group?

    1. Femme Sammy
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  69. Michael Gaffney
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  71. Joe Joestar
    Joe Joestar
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    My theory was that the mitochondria ancestor was trying to grow inside the cell and use it as a base like the Rickettsia bacteria which can survive inside a host cell and kill the host cell to spread to other cell. A mutation made it impossible to make the ancestor of the mitochondria to create an enzyme to break down the bubbles fat it was trap in, instead a protein or an RNA from the cell enter the mitochondria(found that cell give some protein to mitochondria), in which through thousands of years, the protein force the mitochondria to shut off everything except for atp factory code by cutting the genetic code for the function of the ancestor mitochondria's DNA out and replaced them with proteins

  72. Joe Joestar
    Joe Joestar
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    Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, and Rickettsia is the enemy of the cell

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    This kind of blows it wide open.I mean if this eaters eating eaters thing is investigated then complex cells like humans have are derived from potentially an entire cascade of simpler cells, which when you think about it makes sense.Why reinvent the wheel when you can just get in the car?

  79. Da Hawk
    Da Hawk
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    1:53 ~ "...ALL of it." Is it too much to ask scriptwriters to be _accurate?_ NO, it is not "all of it". Single cell life forms are still life forms. So _almost_ all of it. Insert that single word, and Voila. You're now speaking accurately. And whoever this host is, this is not just a scriptwriter fault. It is everyone in the chain who decided to let this slip by. Or failed to notice it.

  80. Anthony Repetto
    Anthony Repetto
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    *Weird Prediction* : Further study of biofilms from DNA samples in oceanic sediments will show that the early endosymbiosis was only possible because both cell types first accumulated locally, then began exchanging nutrients as a microscopic clump, learning to *not eat each other* . Only *then* will the larger cell successfully absorb the small one, for protection that benefits both. It's a series of ecologically viable and mutually beneficial 'baby steps'. I give it eight years.

  81. 230968
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    What I want know is by what biological mechanism ‘genetically independent’ mitochondria is passed on consistently and uniformly from ‘host’ to the ‘host’s’ offspring?

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