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i guess it really do be going down in the dm :/
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  1. Ryan Trahan
    Ryan Trahan
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    Yo! Hope you enjoy the biddo. Love tou guys 3005 ❤️

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      Wolf M
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      99.9% of us clicked on the video cause the thumbnail

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      @get out please don’t be rude uh

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      lol you said tou

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      @get out .

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  3. Good Boy
    Good Boy
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    Freakin Cool

  4. Aubrey Sanford
    Aubrey Sanford
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    N O O O you were so close to doing but Rivera I am subscribed

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  6. Dilara Harris
    Dilara Harris
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    I want Cody Andrew to notice me

  7. Jordan Richard
    Jordan Richard
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    I had similar problems and I sent a dm to ACIDOS007 on Instagram, and he rectified and fixed everything, a genius indeed..

  8. Kurtis Adams
    Kurtis Adams
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    I had similar problems and I sent a dm to ACIDOS007 on Instagram, and he rectified and fixed everything, a genius indeed.

  9. Jace FN ツ
    Jace FN ツ
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    You know what I meant jimmy 😂

  10. Jack Gaming
    Jack Gaming
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    Ha I met Chris Hemsworth in irl

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    Flareon Pizza
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    the unicorn beauty
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    mr bezo
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    Cooking Parker
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  17. Kruz Minecraft
    Kruz Minecraft
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    Oi 25:32 that is Ryan Trahan not Cameron dallas

  18. mohammad javad razlansari
    mohammad javad razlansari
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    this kid need attention :D

  19. Anonymous User
    Anonymous User
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    Who da fook is dis guy ... Ryan Trahan, nice to meet you!

  20. Corpse Kid
    Corpse Kid
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    You actually look like Niall Horan

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  22. Ashay Clay VlogZ
    Ashay Clay VlogZ
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    My dad & Ryan Reynolds worked together at safe way

  23. Joey
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    “I don’t get a lot of DM’s” *99+ requests on insta*

  24. Lil Mouse pad
    Lil Mouse pad
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    He doesn’t look like Tom at all💀

  25. The Gigabuster Association
    The Gigabuster Association
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    I smoke that loud

  26. Bellofficial
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    Your probably not gonna see this but, can you do Harry Styles?

  27. Marshall Goldie
    Marshall Goldie
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    19:40 you follow Trippie Redd? :O

  28. Tio Chingon
    Tio Chingon
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    You’re over there trying to get replies from A list celebrities Meanwhile I’m over here trying to get a reply out of your loser ass Fml 🤦‍♂️

  29. Zachary Baker
    Zachary Baker
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    DM joe Biden

  30. Kris Sellers
    Kris Sellers
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    2021 gang

  31. Owen Hannon
    Owen Hannon
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    Ha Haley’s text though

  32. Blxrzy
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    Eat my turtle lol I don’t think so brhsjsusue

  33. Levi Broten
    Levi Broten
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    You forgot Louis partridge, Noah Schnapp, and Sadie sink

  34. duck
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  35. lil liz
    lil liz
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    Sam was a youtuber before she went on the show

  36. Dhanush P
    Dhanush P
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    Why didn't you DM Cristiano Ronaldo the KING of social media???

  37. Bryce hall fan 123
    Bryce hall fan 123
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    Can you make a new one on tiktokers pls

  38. Violet VonB
    Violet VonB
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    That dog was really cute.

  39. Hamad Alhosani
    Hamad Alhosani
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    When he like stood still for 10 secs I thought I was lagging

  40. Photo Shopper4
    Photo Shopper4
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    Where cristiano

  41. T Ferguson
    T Ferguson
    24 ditë më parë

    That’s not Sam that’s the Actor of Sam from iCarly Jennette McCurdy

  42. Joel Ortiz
    Joel Ortiz
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    You look like and sound like a literal child 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  43. Adelaide Cutler
    Adelaide Cutler
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    Ryan: is Brent Rivera famous everyone: obviously 🙄

  44. jazeel husain
    jazeel husain
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    he didint message the most followed person on insta cristian ronaldo or even lionel messi there probabaly mre famous then everyone there combined

  45. TheEvilSheepy _
    TheEvilSheepy _
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    BIG 14! Can I get a yee yee Also I wish he would've Rick rolled some one

  46. Gabriel Agreste
    Gabriel Agreste
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    Why does Ryan have 10 hydroflasks behind him

  47. Drake Decker
    Drake Decker
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    trumps the Best president ever. Keeping America free

    1. Tae Kalthoff
      Tae Kalthoff
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      Kiss me 😘🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  48. Lara Algayyim
    Lara Algayyim
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    Kristen bell is also in the big show and Nicky Ricky dicky and sawn

  49. CHEEKS
    28 ditë më parë

    What?? You sad that lele pons amigos episode four was great. But he made a video about it being garbage and cringe???????? Still love your videos btw

  50. Kalin Chang
    Kalin Chang
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    24:54 your forehead??!!

  51. Revolt
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    sara conney
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    baruu bimea
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  55. Alexandra Jabour
    Alexandra Jabour
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    You forgot Justin Bieber

  56. Patrick Louwenaar
    Patrick Louwenaar
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  57. Riahnna yassss
    Riahnna yassss
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    It is gate in sounded out

  58. ILoveOliver HeIsALapDog
    ILoveOliver HeIsALapDog
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    11:02 i dont even wanna know It is an image

  59. KOKUVI
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    I’m not even halfway through the video and I’m not sure if anyone replied lmaooo 😂😂😂

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    Alex Loop
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    U remind me of A4 lol.

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    Daily Supreme
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  64. Phoebe Dent
    Phoebe Dent
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    27 minutes of Ryan saying he looks like celebrities. 😂

  65. Alina Khan
    Alina Khan
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    Madeleine Petsch from Riverdale is also a ALfirstr

  66. Hello World
    Hello World
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    I literally knew three celebs he dm

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    I love the good placè

  68. Cool Guy Caleb
    Cool Guy Caleb
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    Notice how he isn't following almost all of them

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    Malaikas bankolas
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    Kiana Sabouri
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    Ben mcinnes
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    Alvin Rodríguez
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    Hi Ryan, how are you? Read me

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    MidNightBlade Ninja
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    Dont be shy, share your confidence

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    Lily Green
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    Jgvnhgvhgvn Tughvngtuvhtg
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    I’m dying he said Khalid so wrong

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    •3nzø ßensøn•
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    Margaret Korn
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  80. taylor taege
    taylor taege
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    The Tea Mister
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    y’all smell :D

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    hey ryan trahan

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    Miss Understood
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    How much does that hammer weigh?? 😆😆😆

  85. HJ gaming
    HJ gaming
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    LOL you get banned for unfollowing people on insta (found out the bad way got banned for 7 days!)

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    the running man
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    Jervine Ang
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    I think IG has a feature to block DM if you DM to too many people (celebrities or not) in short timeframe.

  89. Xcircle
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    This iz a funny comment

  90. Trent Michalowski
    Trent Michalowski
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    He posted this when juicy and my grandapa were alive 😔

  91. Asher Hall
    Asher Hall
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    keep on fertin, Josh Peck Alan Beck Fucker Deck muh muh mub muh muh prrfffft

  92. dylan difrancia
    dylan difrancia
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    Yo I actually know gaten he lives in nj nere me

  93. Minecraft ARMAN and EMILY Minasyan
    Minecraft ARMAN and EMILY Minasyan
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    Now where co workers great to work with u

  94. Brad Wilson
    Brad Wilson
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  95. CycleBlindEyes
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    You should've told Hugh that you love The Wolverine character

  96. Xenith Sanguine
    Xenith Sanguine
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    I'm totally going to DM you with "Brother?" We look nothing alike.

  97. Odeezy 999
    Odeezy 999
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    You should of done polo g

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    Thanos in the background😃 (the painting)

  99. Cloud Twins
    Cloud Twins
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    Dog go bloop- 19:17

  100. Luke Nevels
    Luke Nevels
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    Did u go to Mars?