3 Mysteries Solved by Extraterrestrial Tsunamis

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Earth isn't the only planet that gets rocked by giant tsunamis. In fact, giant waves on other planets have helped us solve a few mysteries about our solar system.
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Philip Nicholson (astro.cornell.edu/philip-d-nicholson), planetary scientist at Cornell University
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  1. snowpdx
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    I think Reid has become one of the best presenters on ALfirst. Keep up the good work, Reid!

  2. Chad Cuckproducer
    Chad Cuckproducer
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    Wouldn't the passage of billions of years erase shorelines too? We know Mars has wind which would erode things.

  3. xeroabyss
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    This was quite informational. I never knew air was a fluid before this video.

  4. your lasting impression
    your lasting impression
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    respect. hey if humanity meets aliens 👽 and we try to teach them how to speak to humanity we will use a computer to attempt to translate. u want to know a secret it already happened

  5. Dean Dixon
    Dean Dixon
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    Where did the water go on Mars if it had oceans please explain it to me

  6. Penny Lane
    Penny Lane
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    What's a storey in meters?

  7. smurfyday
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    Still a better love story than twilight.

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    Silver Surfer new about these cosmic waves all along.

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    Did they take into account the amount of gravity on Mars which a third of Earth?

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    I don't understand why in eng they use japan word for titelwave instead of the eng word they already have??? Unless there is a diffrent in definition??? Maybe

    1. Vistico93
      Muaj më parë

      I'm just copying the text from the U.S. Geological Survey website: "Although both are sea waves, a tsunami and a tidal wave are two different and unrelated phenomena. A tidal wave is a shallow water wave caused by the gravitational interactions between the Sun, Moon, and Earth ("tidal wave" was used in earlier times to describe what we now call a tsunami.) A tsunami is an ocean wave triggered by large earthquakes that occur near or under the ocean, volcanic eruptions, submarine landslides, or by onshore landslides in which large volumes of debris fall into the water."

  15. Terry Lynn
    Terry Lynn
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    15 stories high... how much is that in non-american units

  16. Greg Jones
    Greg Jones
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    Seems like the wave in Saturn's ring would not be a tsunami, but literally a "tidal wave".

  17. nariu 7times
    nariu 7times
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    The fun thing about being an older nerdfighter - I remember the first images coming back from Voyager, where we finally saw them up close. Such good memories!

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    Videos hosted by Reid are getting too far apart. I would love to see more of Reid’s good looks more often.

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    The title made me think this was going to be a Chariots Of The Gods UFO hoot. Instead, very cool.

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  23. Lucian GONTKO
    Lucian GONTKO
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    What about the standing wave on Saturn's north pole?

  24. Grant Stoppel
    Grant Stoppel
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    Do any other planets have plate tectonics?

    1. Dragrath1
      Muaj më parë

      volcanism yes, plate tectonics? we haven't got any evidence for it off Earth and there seems to be something Similar with the icy crust of Europa but it isn't understood how or if these are related. We know water is very important for Plate tectonics but the how and why are murky in part because we don't even understand how they got started on Earth or even when they got started. Worse is there are evidence that Plate movements seem to have operated somewhat differently in deep time meaning the plate tectonics of today isn't necessarily the same as say 1 billion years ago.

  25. CRS Pen
    CRS Pen
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    Anyone thought of Miller's planet when seeing the thumbnail?

  26. Robert Colin Shepherd
    Robert Colin Shepherd
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    Oh..okay. I read the caption on the thumbnail, then got all excited. You know, thinking that tsunamis from outer space attacked Planet Earth. Maybe I've been watching too many sci-fi movies from the 50's, ha ha. I'm embarrassed. 😮😞😀

  27. Gully Foyle
    Gully Foyle
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    SO interesting, thank~you!

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    2:05 Terran days or Venusian days?

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  30. Analog
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    Fluids, like water or air - SciShow 2021

  31. Fhie
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    "How do we make Tsunamis more interesting?" "Tsunamis from outer space!"

  32. Kenneth Taylor
    Kenneth Taylor
    Muaj më parë

    I was fortunate enough to see some of the data gathered here at MSU on the sun. They had a video of a tsunami traveling over the surface of the sun. Also, it probably would have confused a few people, but the atmosphere on Venus (close to the surface) is 90% that of water. If you could survive the heat and acidic gases, then humans could fly(ish).

  33. Leandro Pires
    Leandro Pires
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    I'm sorry what is 15 stories high? Is that like 20 aligators? Or maybe 0.1 skyscrapers? I don't get it

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    Joseph Thompson
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    btw, I gave Music for Scientists a listen, it's really not that great, actually bad even.

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    This guy looks like someone I used to know

  38. KaptainMorganWo
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    I'm surprised there'd need to be proof of waves in Saturn's rings. Wouldn't the general assumption be fluidization is scalable?

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    you r booring

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    Nothing is really solved until you can prove it

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    *Flashback of the tsunami planet in Interstellar intensifies*

  43. christosvoskresye
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    It's neither surprising nor particularly interesting that tsunamis generated by impacts wiped out Martian coastlines; the same must have happened to Earth many more times. What IS interesting is that after the tsunamis, the Martian ocean did not last long enough to establish new coastlines, which Earth's oceans have obviously done. This implies that the Martian ocean disappeared rather suddenly after the tsunamis.

  44. PennyAfNorberg
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    Venu's atmosphere isn't that gaslike since it's more or less super critical CO2.

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    There's life outside our "special" planet, deal with it.

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    Fascinating, Captain.

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    One giant wave of rock... Or as we call it on earth : Landslides

    1. Johanna Geisel
      Johanna Geisel
      13 orë më parë

      @Kyle Stanley Yeah, you're right. The mechanism is just so different than a landslide on Earth. ^ ^

    2. Kyle Stanley
      Kyle Stanley
      13 orë më parë

      @Johanna Geisel There is definitely gravity involved in this as well, otherwise the wave wouldn't be forming.

    3. Johanna Geisel
      Johanna Geisel
      Muaj më parë

      But these are space rocks in free fall and vacuum. Landslides typically happen with gravity and water.

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    Actually a bit of space information I didn’t already know, sweet 👍🏼 (I watch a lot of space ALfirst vids)

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    1. Erik Nicholas
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      We also rotate it with a "lot" and a "load" to keep lectures from sounding stale/redundant. For me I use "a lot" 40% of the time, then "bunch": 15%, "load": 10%, "ton": 5%. The remainder is for numeric approximations like "dozens", "hundreds", "thousands". What do they use where you're from?

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    We will teraform Mars soon enough

    1. philip dias
      philip dias
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      @ArachnoCommunist slow and steady

    2. ArachnoCommunist
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      No we won't. Terraforming a planet, even a relatively small one like mars, would be an utterly insane engineering task requiring dozens of technologies we do not have, unimaginable quantities of money and raw resources and, bare minimum, several centuries of concerted effort, even assuming that humans can live full healthy lives in 1/3rd Earth gravity which is still pretty questionable. It would be easier, more efficient and far more practical to remotely strip mine mars for resources to build rotating orbital habitats, with the right gravity, radiation shielding and easily controlled environmental conditions.

    3. Fajar Adi
      Fajar Adi
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      While Martiform Earth at the same time?

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    The universe likes waves.

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    So, I'm going to die on this hill, BUT THERE IS NO S IN THE PLURAL OF TSUNAMI. It's a word borrowed from Japanese, which has no plural form. One tsunami, two tsunami. We have other words that also have no special plural, including sheep, and moose. Please drop that extra s.

    1. itsdonaldo
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      @Fajar Adi Many multiple thanks! At Tsunami's bar and grill, we could get sakes and Midoris for all our friends.

    2. Peter Gray
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      Except that tsunami has been adopted into English, which has a plural form. We borrow words for our convenience, not to appease some nonexistent spelling god. And we're not renaming it Mt. Weab in your honor.

    3. Fajar Adi
      Fajar Adi
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      @itsdonaldo Your's comment's are's gold's!

    4. itsdonaldo
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    1. TRiG (Ireland)
      TRiG (Ireland)
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      And team up with Ross Noble to throw an Ewok into a lake of farts?

    2. Morrigan KASA
      Morrigan KASA
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      @Fajar Adi technology that would allow survival would also purify the air.

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    5. vladek vik
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  74. The Boxing Junkie
    The Boxing Junkie
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    1. og orange duck
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      Probably pronunciation notes from the script/teleprompter that they forgot to edit out for the captions

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    New Message
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    Well.. that title wasn't on anyone's Space Story Bingo card.

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    A Youtube Channel
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  79. CultistO
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    Unless I'm misunderstanding, I'd like to recommend the term "ring tide" for these waves like in Saturn's C-ring, rather than tsunami.

    1. Ricky Upchurch
      Ricky Upchurch
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      @M Adil Most circularly I did. Thank you for giving me the chance to make another second one ;-)

    2. M Adil
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      @Ricky Upchurch pun intended?

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    4. Ricky Upchurch
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      I second that motion :)

  80. alan silverman
    alan silverman
    Muaj më parë

    There was NEVER any liquid water on Mars, much less an ocean!

    1. alan silverman
      alan silverman
      Muaj më parë

      @SaintLuticriss well there are a few problems with that idea, first and foremost is that in order to have a magnetic field you need a dynamo, but as you yourself pointed out Mars is much smaller. This means that not only will it cool down quicker but it's central temperature will never get that hot to begin with...which means the temperature gradient would not be steep enough to drive convection and without convection there is no dynamo... Also, remnants of a strong magnetic field would have frozen into the crust as the planet cooled, and there's no detectable evidence for that - they looked. Even if there was a strong enough magnetic field, it does not 'lock in' the atmosphere - that is primarily determined by the surface gravity regardless. As far as Earth is concerned, it's not at all clear that it would lose it's atmosphere and oceans without it's magnetic field - just look at Venus...it's 70% closer to the sun with no magnetic field yet it has a robust atmosphere...

    2. SaintLuticriss
      Muaj më parë

      In the early solar system, Mars --as newly formed rocky planets do-- had a molten core with a working dynamo which generated a magnetic field strong enough to lock in the atmosphere being created and warmed by its active geothermal history. Because Mars is a tenth the volume of Earth however, it's hay-day was much shorter lived. Volume, as you know, has an exponential effect on thermodynamics. Your planet's molten dynamo AND atmosphere also have an expiration date. After which, your oceans will evaporate and be stripped away by the relentless solar winds to make way for another specie's scientists to mock the mere notion that Earth ever had any ocean. Most life on Earth will be long gone before then, however, as humanity has cranked up the temperature of their own atmosphere much too eagerly. Humans had forgotten that the process of photosynthesis their crops rely on has a very real temperature limit: soon a majority of food-crops will not be able to produce enough nutrition from the light of the sun, leaving mankind trapped in a cage without any basis for sustenance. Pestilence is rocking your populace now, famine will soon be bringing societies to their knees, ravenous war will pulverize the very foundation of civilization, and then the great filter of death will eventually extinguish the scattered remnants left alone to reflect upon how the hubris of a few so-called "greater men" brought them to this grim merciless end. There humanity will finally realize that no one on Earth ever had it right: there was NEVER a god, there was NEVER a heaven, there was NEVER an honest prophet, and there was NEVER anything immaculate upon this ball of pointless dust covered in gibbering madmen. Your universe is not a product of passing whimsy from some nonsensical god, but by the mathematical inevitability of an uninterested and impartial reality. The only meaning in life is what you give it; may it be wholesome and fulfilling, and may it bring you a smile of pride and joy as you give us all one last turn before you bow out beneath the curtains.

    3. alan silverman
      alan silverman
      Muaj më parë

      @Manatee Man what do astronomers know about alien environments anyway... Apparently, they're not aware that the dew point precludes any liquid water due to the cold temperatures, low atmospheric pressure, and scant surface gravity...

    4. Manatee Man
      Manatee Man
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      Yeah, what do astronomers know about space, anyway!?

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    Your beard is glorious man, I'm wildly envious.

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      His beard is just the icing on the cake. He is sexy all over.

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  82. NeonsStyle
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    Kilo-meter, not kilom-eter. Kilo means 1,000. So it's Kilo-meter! You're a science channel, get the SI units right.

    1. Manatee Man
      Manatee Man
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      Sad. Yet another benighted Euro-follower who has not adopted the superior scientific unit: the arshin.

  83. jimjimsauce
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    wow never in my life would i have thought to think of titan like a plane flying around through clouds the way it pulls some of saturns rings with it, that’s fascinating!

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    1. PhiloYT1
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    You ever get to the comments too late and all the dumb people already deleted their dumb comments and replies? I hate when that happens. 😒

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      @時計仕掛け Don't worry mate! I'll make a new one.

    2. 時計仕掛け
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    So one more thing that makes Venus lethal. Soon enough, it'll rival Australia.

    1. Bat Man
      Bat Man
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      @Boris Manojlovic You are the one spreading lies. I feel sad for you that you think you know something. Look up the Dunning-Kruger Syndrome, fits you to a tee.

    2. Yo Lo
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      @Boris Manojlovic crack much mate?

    3. Boris Manojlovic
      Boris Manojlovic
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      @Bat Man That would be really pointless. Trying to prove something to someone that is already "in the business" and talking about how you live in an imaginary place. How could we have a conversation while your first "fact" is that you live upside down? If you really wanted the truth you wouldn't go around spreading lies.

    4. Bat Man
      Bat Man
      7 ditë më parë

      @Boris Manojlovic Wow, you are one real Idiot. Prove to me that the Earth is flat with real evidence, not just what you think and some shady people who have no scientific backgrounds.

    5. Yo Lo
      Yo Lo
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      @Bat Man you gonna get shot if you sleep in you car in brazil mate, would take the dingos any day over a night in rio

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    Nice video!!!!

  92. andrewnduati
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    The more you learn about Venus is like adulthood. Seems nice at first and then you actually have to file taxes and you wish you could return to a time when you didn't know anything about it out of blissful ignorance...

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    Dino's Eat People!
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    This is a comment

  94. Osmosis Jones
    Osmosis Jones
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    On titan more then 320 miles from the sun methane is liquid. Yet in Texas methane pipes froze solid at temperatures above 298 below 0 . And also pure uranium froze over . just like the windmills

  95. Scott Korin
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    1. Shawna Burt
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      @Fajar Adi Chili is a slow-cooked mix of beans, meat, and spices (and sometimes vegetables) that comes from the southwestern USA, but is fairly popular nationwide. (You can find canned version, with and without meat, in grocery stores, too.) Chiles are the peppers used to spice up the chili.

    2. Fajar Adi
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  97. Osmosis Jones
    Osmosis Jones
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    Why do we assume billions of years ago. At the wind speed of one mile an hour and rate sun shine altering chemical structure. At one electron in a million. One molecule in billion. Would any of evidence still be around after 1billion years

  98. Steven Verrall
    Steven Verrall
    Muaj më parë

    As someone who has taught Physics and Astronomy for 20 years, the Martian tsunami theory us some of the biggest BS I have ever heard! By the way, Earth's ionosphere also super rotates. The cause is electromagnetic.

  99. Christopher Rice
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