Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters REMATCH

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Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters REMATCH. This was super intense...
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We decided to call this series Minecraft Manhunt. This video is a different rendition of it, where there are THREE hunters instead of just one.
This is a new Minecraft but, 1.15 challenge that we have decided to try. I try to beat the game, while my friend George AND my friend Sapnap AND my friend BadBoyHalo tries to prevent me from doing it. It's a race, and it's super intense and we had a lot of laughs. I love doing these challenges.
If this video gets 350,000 likes we'll maybe do 4 or something idk
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin


  1. EJHearts
    51 minutë më parë

    0:40 Speedrun Music Starts Me : Oh Yea Let’s Gooooo

    2 orë më parë

    Who won ¿??¿

  3. Rishav Chaulagain
    Rishav Chaulagain
    2 orë më parë

    The moment when he drinks fire resistant potion and they run😂😂

  4. Yusrizal Ashraf
    Yusrizal Ashraf
    4 orë më parë

    i didnt know that you kill the ender dragon first or the hunter kill youfirst

  5. Puppet Davis
    Puppet Davis
    4 orë më parë

    22M GG

    4 orë më parë

    dream can u plz make a video of u being hunter and those three are trying to defeat the game

  7. zetz
    5 orë më parë

    1:25 bruh I’m dying😂😂😂

  8. Techno Potato
    Techno Potato
    5 orë më parë

    17:21 Bad was about to say the f word

  9. Fluffkins the Bunny
    Fluffkins the Bunny
    6 orë më parë

    Ender Dragon: *dies* Dream: *dies* Ender Dragon: *immediately proceeds to become a mix between rave lighting and a star going supernova*

  10. BrItiSh GiRl
    BrItiSh GiRl
    7 orë më parë

    “WHY DID YOU COME IN MY HOLE?” A line I will never hear bad say again

  11. Juan Toyo
    Juan Toyo
    9 orë më parë

    1 shot for every "Literally" bad says

    1. VaporeonTheNB
      5 orë më parë

      i tried it and died to alcohol poisoning

    13 orë më parë

    The dragon die first....its true😄

  13. Verma
    14 orë më parë

    dream: **falls off tree** dream: *O*

  14. bigtreeboy
    14 orë më parë

    Badboyhalo belike: muffin muffin muffin Me: shut the f*ck up! Him:no and no cursing muffin

  15. kubby boi
    kubby boi
    15 orë më parë

    why does bad always ask do you have a bow

  16. kubby boi
    kubby boi
    15 orë më parë

    anyone else scrolling through the comments to see who wins

  17. ๓คгςєl
    16 orë më parë

    ale chujowe ;/

  18. Youngjus Dejiro
    Youngjus Dejiro
    16 orë më parë

    Dreams scream killed me 😭🤣1:25

  19. Lillian Gamer
    Lillian Gamer
    17 orë më parë

    My mind: GO DREAM GO DREAM

  20. StevoB
    17 orë më parë

    Absolutely no one: Bad: literally

  21. Leonardo
    18 orë më parë

    i think it would be more fun to watch if the hunters actually tried to kill dream.

  22. Never buy BMGO
    Never buy BMGO
    19 orë më parë

    Scary teacher

  23. Wassabii girl
    Wassabii girl
    19 orë më parë

    That’s a bug win lol

  24. Theo Ryan
    Theo Ryan
    19 orë më parë

    Who ever is reading this comment I hope you have a good day

    1. mohamed for games
      mohamed for games
      17 orë më parë

      Thx body 🙂

  25. Scarlet Spider
    Scarlet Spider
    19 orë më parë

    we need to appreciate how he drank a fire resistance potion and they got scared because they didn't know what it was.

  26. Wassabii girl
    Wassabii girl
    19 orë më parë

    This man has mastered the art of deception surprise attack he is too good to stop

  27. zeel kapadia
    zeel kapadia
    19 orë më parë

    dream is legend of minecraft

  28. Abner J. Lizama
    Abner J. Lizama
    20 orë më parë

    at 45:43 his voice cracked XD

  29. Brayden Smith
    Brayden Smith
    20 orë më parë

    Best manhunt ever.

  30. riftz_
    20 orë më parë

    17:56 song?

  31. MahoganyRenee18
    21 orë më parë

    he need to make a movie about this!!!

  32. BoPro
    22 orë më parë

    How did you do that!?!?!?!?!?!?

  33. Undertale exe
    Undertale exe
    23 orë më parë

    what?dream dont craft a boat?

  34. Lavendeer 201
    Lavendeer 201
    Ditë më parë

    I lost it when the jungle music kicked in after he said "Don't let him Tarzan away like last time!"

  35. c r y o k i n e s i z !
    c r y o k i n e s i z !
    Ditë më parë

    maybe in a future we will se dream dog army

  36. j.j gamer
    j.j gamer
    Ditë më parë

    Give me Minecraft Java edition please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please

    1. Shuvrocanvas 2
      Shuvrocanvas 2
      Ditë më parë

      Download tlauncher

  37. 哥博
    Ditë më parë

    No Yes!!!

  38. Xerts
    Ditë më parë

    this soo good . Well done @Dream!!!!!

    Ditë më parë


  40. роман играман
    роман играман
    Ditë më parë

    Я русский

  41. Georgia Kiel
    Georgia Kiel
    Ditë më parë

    lesh go boy sheyyyyyy

  42. wewewe. clocloc
    wewewe. clocloc
    Ditë më parë

    " come here george, come heere

  43. Ege Kanatlı
    Ege Kanatlı
    Ditë më parë

    tree jump scene was really roleplay

  44. 주노
    Ditë më parë


  45. ItzCamile
    Ditë më parë

    George: you are so dead Dream: *reverse card*

  46. Jerick Fulgencio
    Jerick Fulgencio
    Ditë më parë

    i em filipenes

  47. goth lilpeep
    goth lilpeep
    Ditë më parë

    George: i see him!!! dream:casually looks around George: i bet he looked around dream: "no I didn't"

    Ditë më parë

    BBH always says "MuffinHead" that is why I hate him.

  49. Angie
    Ditë më parë

    HES MINING WOOD - Sapnap, 2020

  50. The Garnet
    The Garnet
    Ditë më parë

    Manhunt idea: if you happen to have the opportunity to get a lot of bones, tame a bunch of dogs and make invisibility potions, but make one of them splash so you can invis the dogs. Also, have milk on you so they (the hunters) don’t suspect you have an invisible army, and let chaos unfold as the hunters try to figure out what’s hitting them. Maybe you’ll never read this but it could work

  51. Puvaneswary Sithamparanadarajah
    Puvaneswary Sithamparanadarajah
    Ditë më parë

    This better than Netflix

  52. Goalnaldo
    Ditë më parë

    Badboyhalo says “muffin” a lot

  53. Aleksandr Sulzynski
    Aleksandr Sulzynski
    Ditë më parë

    12:59 breaking lava?

  54. channel deleted in a few days
    channel deleted in a few days
    Ditë më parë

    Dream: Running George: where are you guys? It was at this moment george knew, he fucked up 28:23

  55. Puvaneswary Sithamparanadarajah
    Puvaneswary Sithamparanadarajah
    Ditë më parë

    This is better than Netflix

  56. Sebastian Jin
    Sebastian Jin
    Ditë më parë

    "wassup h**" I heard sapnap

  57. Jerl & Xian
    Jerl & Xian
    Ditë më parë

    Dream just wanted to be alone

  58. Цани Попов
    Цани Попов
    Ditë më parë

    I really liked that lava clutch with the fire resistant potion

  59. مهدی نوری
    مهدی نوری
    Ditë më parë


  60. Emmanuel Romero
    Emmanuel Romero
    Ditë më parë

    No entiendo lo que dicen pero me gusta verlos :D

    1. Miguel Ordoñez
      Miguel Ordoñez
      Ditë më parë

      pero son divertidos

    2. Miguel Ordoñez
      Miguel Ordoñez
      Ditë më parë

      yo tampoco les entiendo

  61. PyroL2
    Ditë më parë


  62. Grace
    Ditë më parë

    bad = MUFFINS

  63. みんみん。
    Ditë më parë

    DREAM WIN!!!

  64. -ElectricDoesLogicTV-
    Ditë më parë

    15:57 Dream: 𝗖𝗼𝗺𝗲 𝗴𝗲𝘁 𝗺𝗲 𝗦𝗮𝗽𝗻𝗮𝗽, 𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗲 𝗴𝗲𝘁 𝗺𝗲 3 SECONDS LATER: 𝐋𝐞𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐦𝐞 𝐚𝐥𝐨𝐧𝐞!

  65. X Therealman X
    X Therealman X
    Ditë më parë

    “*Halo:Put water there so we can get inf water*” “*George: o when did you learn that*”

  66. Jacqueline Roberts
    Jacqueline Roberts
    Ditë më parë


  67. Mike M
    Mike M
    Ditë më parë

    Okay, the fire resistance potion to survive the lava, but how did he survive the fall damage? Thing about lava is it doesn't stop fall damage. That's why you can jump in, swim to shore, then drop dead instantly. Because the game considers that the whole time you were swimming in the lava, you were actually still falling.

  68. Krantz Boti
    Krantz Boti
    Ditë më parë

    Dream vs random 100 guys: summons 3 wither and respawn the dragon

  69. Themcclan TikTok
    Themcclan TikTok
    Ditë më parë


  70. Katie Taylor
    Katie Taylor
    Ditë më parë

    36:35 “Ahh!-“

  71. SR TIAGO
    Ditë më parë

    Tropa br

  72. ดี สุข
    ดี สุข
    Ditë më parë


  73. Jean Tan
    Jean Tan
    Ditë më parë

    Mosty you

  74. Jean Tan
    Jean Tan
    Ditë më parë

    And if one of it dies then the other speedruner still beats the game

  75. Jean Tan
    Jean Tan
    Ditë më parë

    2 vs 3 means one of them needs to beat the game

  76. Jean Tan
    Jean Tan
    Ditë më parë

    Next you do 2 vs 3 or 1 vs 6

  77. Fluffy
    Ditë më parë

    I was eating a muffin while watching thos

  78. Ninjabob
    2 ditë më parë


  79. Abdulrazaq sulaiman byraqdar
    Abdulrazaq sulaiman byraqdar
    2 ditë më parë

    The dragon died first

  80. Alexander Lantsow
    Alexander Lantsow
    2 ditë më parë

    dream is dumb

  81. Missy Regan
    Missy Regan
    2 ditë më parë

    You’re actually a very skilled player

  82. Andhika Storm
    Andhika Storm
    2 ditë më parë

    34:40 What the😂

  83. molavia Whaevs
    molavia Whaevs
    2 ditë më parë

    dream won by a sliver of a second. This was amazing.

    2 ditë më parë

    37:11 *gasp* the four muffinteers! It’s just really cute how excited he sounded when he said it ok?

  85. Bilal Ömeroğlu
    Bilal Ömeroğlu
    2 ditë më parë

    I love youDream

  86. JxcK_ M567 - Brawl Stars, Roblox, and more!
    JxcK_ M567 - Brawl Stars, Roblox, and more!
    2 ditë më parë

    Did it end forever because he lost v5

  87. Kajal Bhoyroo
    Kajal Bhoyroo
    2 ditë më parë

    Dream win

  88. Metin Asik
    Metin Asik
    2 ditë më parë


  89. Xin Ning Her
    Xin Ning Her
    2 ditë më parë

    Video ideas: Minecraft speedrunner VS Mobs controlled by a player Minecraft, but the Ender dragon is chasing us Minecraft speedrunner with Mobs VS 3 Hunters (meaning the mobs don’t attack the speedrunner) Playing Minecraft on PS4

  90. Gio Polo Baldovino
    Gio Polo Baldovino
    2 ditë më parë

    Dream drink potion of fire resistance George Sapnap bad boy halo:run!!!

  91. Fallen Reaper
    Fallen Reaper
    2 ditë më parë

    Badboyhalos favorite word is literally

  92. Itachinho Leo
    Itachinho Leo
    2 ditë më parë


  93. Seif Lambo
    Seif Lambo
    2 ditë më parë

    Sap: he might be doing traps Dream Vibing while cooking iron: this is life man 😏

  94. gl1tchc0r3aut0
    2 ditë më parë

    'Your literally inside of me!?" I was expecting a dirty joke from sapnap🤚😭

    2 ditë më parë

    George: I can smell victory! 30 minutes left of the video: *No...I don’t think you do...*

  96. Ryan
    2 ditë më parë

    He won the first one.

  97. Phoenix M.
    Phoenix M.
    2 ditë më parë

    Dream won

  98. Michael Marquez
    Michael Marquez
    2 ditë më parë

    When dream is on half a heart

  99. MAHI FF
    2 ditë më parë

    DREAM OP❤️

  100. botond bak
    botond bak
    2 ditë më parë